Judicial And Legal Awareness

Judicial and Legal Awareness Campaigning are being undertaken by this Authority to create awareness in the people about their legal rights, about the functioning of the Legal Services Authority, the enacted provisions regarding free legal aid and services, various welfare schemes of the Government etc. Special programs are also being organized for creating legal awareness.

Legal awareness and legal literacy lie at the base of any effort toward legal empowerment. Critical knowledge of legal provisions and processes, coupled with the skills to use this knowledge to realize rights and entitlements will empower people to demand justice, accountability and effective remedies at all levels. We produces a wide range of legal literacy materials, conducts legal awareness workshops for activists and the community, and also trains state functionaries on legal provisions and procedure.

Workshops And Awareness Programs

Our thrust has been to create awareness materials which cater to a wide range of persons in terms of literacy levels; content and capacity of understanding and ability of using the information. Our legal literacy work rests on twin principles of simplification of laws along with developing the empathy for the subject. This has been a straightforward formula that has empowered thousands of women, children, men, young students in rural and urban India to internalize law and use it in their everyday lives.

Legal Literacy program reaches out to various Stakeholders by using both written and audio-video methods. The interactive Trainings and Workshops are designed to meet the needs of various groups.

A comprehensive and easy-to-read legal resource compendium has being developed to enable CJWs, NGO activists and in fact all literate members of the public to understand basic rights with special reference to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. 2 handbooks are also being developed containing details on the various Central and State Government schemes for marginalized sections. These will make it easy for CJWs, grassroots workers and literate members of the public to access their entitlements.

The Law And Environment Protection

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